The Waltz of Warriors
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“The Waltz of Warriors”, chapters 1 & 2

The Legend of Zelda: The Waltz of Warriors

By: Blind Blitz

Link, Hyrule, Zelda, and all of the characters from the games Legend of Zelda are in no way my characters. All rights are to Nintendo.

Link stared into Donovan’s eyes. Battered and bruised he remembered all the things he did. He saw Donovan staring into his eyes. There wasn’t any hate. Just a thrill pulsing through their veins. A thrill to fight. Donovan, a handsome face with blue hair and electric blue eyes. Link found out some interesting facts about the past from him. And he was going to repay him. By beating him. Link looked at the sword Donovan was wielding. The thing was huge; it was bigger than Link. He surveyed Donovan. When Donovan knew he could not beat Link, he used Ganon’s glove to transform. Now Link to face to face with a monster. Link thought for a second. Can I truly beat him? Link couldn’t tell yet. Link made the next move. He rushed at Donovan. He swung the Master Sword at Donovan. He knew he had hit. Link got up. To him something didn’t feel right. He wasn’t carrying as much. He looked at his sword. It had snapped. Now Link had his answer. He then knew that he could not beat Donovan. Avon, his fairy, flashed, and told him that it was over.

Link turned a round and face Donovan. Donovan knew that he couldn’t beat Link either. He put all his strength into one blast. “This ought to finish you off!” Donovan yelled. Link powered up his final weapon. The Light Arrow. He had one left. But Link knew it wouldn’t work. The arrow wasn’t strong enough. So he called for help. He focused the entire power into an image of Zelda.

“ me...I can’t go on much longer..."

Zelda replied, “Just think about Hyrule. The arrow should reply to thought. Oh! Link, think about the songs Hyrule taught you. That really should help.” Link focused his mind on all the songs. The aura around the arrow grew and grew. When it was bigger than Link, he began to look for a weak point on Donovan, just noticing the light radiating from Donovan’s sword. Link thought that Donovan wanted to end the fight right there. Link found the weak point. Donovan had a huge gash on his side. Link let go of the arrow, Donovan let the sword swing. It was over in a flash of brilliant light.

Two years after the Donovan training ground incident, Hyrule has finished the recovery era and just started the trade era. Many reports of flashing blue light and earth vanishing from under people’s feet were by the dozen. The king regarded them as Guredo attacks and called for Palinons to protect all exits and entrusted with powers to kill on sight. The King was on his throne when he heard a scream followed by some grotesque sounds

“Guard, protect Zelda. Someone has intruded my castle,” the king said. As the guard hurried to Zelda’s chamber a flash of blue light came followed by smoke. When the smoke cleared he saw his guard lying there dead. “Who could do this?” the king wondered looking at the bolt door. The king looked up at the symbol of the Triforce and saw it was blue. Then he saw the figure. That blue amour, the markings on his head, and the evil glint in his dark blue eyes. This was the most terrifying man there is. “You again! I thought you were finished at Death Mountain.” The king yelled.

“Well, is this any way to treat the man who destroyed the kingdom. I know what your thinking. How did I destroy the kingdom when you checked your kingdom three hours ago? Let me show you.” He floated outside the castle. He waved his hand and brought fourth a huge Helix sword. He brought it around his back charging a blue disk as big as him. He brought the sword down swinging the disk down too. The disk hit the market and exploded, destroying the market.

“You looked scared. You should be.” The king summoned his guard but remembered that the guard is gone. “Well I have a demand. Tell me when Link will come back.”

The king looked confused. “What are you talking about? The Recreation can’t take place ‘till the Triforce has regarded you as a true threat. Or until Hyrule is destroyed.”



“Listen, Link’s coming back. I’ll be there to meet him. Zelda knows it. That’s why she standing there looking out the window at the temple.” He turned towards Zelda. “You’ve waited for two years for a reunion with your own flesh and blood. Link is coming back. I will fight him then. Now go back to The Courtyard.”

Zelda left and the Blue Warrior turned to the king. “King, don’t take it personally.” And He blew the king away.

The Recreation

The Temple of Time, the resting place for all the prayers and hopes of all Hylians. The silver and dark gray stones make the temple the second most beautiful place in Hyrule. The crest of the Triforce was placed over the alter and the Door of Time. The Triforce was no longer gold though. The colors were now brilliant shades of red, blue, and green. Three beams struck the floor. The red beam made the outline of a man in a tunic.& The green beam filled the outline with color. The man tunic and cap were green, he wore white under clothes, golden gauntlets, a shield that was assembled with multi-colored metals, and he held a powerful sword that he earned before his intense fight with Donovan. The final beam hit the man, and life flew through his newly active body. He fell to the ground, his eyes now blue with color, and he arched his back and took the breath of life. He stood up again and a small smirk crossed his face. Link, the Hero of Time, had been recreated.

Link stretched his arms and legs, feeling his muscles move for the first time in two years. He reached behind his back and took his sword and shield off. He felt so good that he could move again. He walked around the temple, and stepped onto the warp platform. He moved his head so that he could see the window that fed light into the temple. He bathed in the light, and closed his eyes to take in the reality. He had been brought back from the dead. He just had one question. He figured out that it was because he was a legend. Link picked his sword, and slashed the air, feeling the grip of the sword and reminiscing his intense battle with Donovan. Link put his sword down. A weird feeling crossed over his body. He felt something. He picked up his sword and spun and brought his sword a centimeter away from a small fairy.

“Boss! Don’t do it! Please! I didn’t do anything!” the fairy yelled.

“It’s okay. Avon, how’s life been without me.” Link asked his wandering fairy. Avon flashed when sighed.

“Link, you should see for yourself.” Avon’s voice faded when he said that. Link decided that he would go see his sister, Zelda. He walked to the exit, and looked outside. The place was a mess. The buildings were destroyed, the ground was charred and cracked. Link ran outside and looked at Death Mountain. The only problem was that Death Mountain was gone. Link gasped, and had second thoughts about going to the castle. This wasn’t an accident. An army must have attacked Hyrule.

Link ran into the market. He stared at the wreckage. There was debris, and burning wood everywhere. Link saw many citizens lying dead. He felt a  surge of anger at the army that did this. Link ran to the Hyrule gate. Link ran to the end of the drawbridge, and stopped dead. The field, the ranch, the forest, the lake, the village, everything was gone. Link looked at the ground and saw a fiery pit that had a dragon that was circling a small island. On the island were two girls. They were Link’s friends, Malon and Pamela. Link eyes widened.

“Avon, this wasn’t done by an army,” Link said

“Boss, this was done by a god,” Avon declared.

Link and Avon went to the castle courtyard. Link hated this place because every time he comes here he is told to save the world again. Zelda sat on the stone steps that led to a beautiful stone statue. It was put there when Link fought Donovan. Link was amazed to see the castle. It was the only place that was not rubble. The west tower was the only damaged part. It had collapsed. Link approached Zelda, and Zelda turned away.

“Link, don’t start talking. It’s all over. The omen came and killed everyone. I couldn’t stand up to him. There is no one who can stand up to him. Just...” Zelda shook and Link stood, “Link...go...” Zelda stood up and ran. Link ran after her but he tripped. He stood and looked down. A merchant laid on the ground. He was alive.

“What happened?” Link asked.

“Ah. Young Link has crossed my path again, for I am the Happy Mask Guy. Link, do you hear it? The guardians cry a low hiss. Their song died two hours ago. Two hours ago, a blue omen came and killed all the citizens, and didn’t stop. He entered the castle, an impossible feat, eh?” The merchant was looking at the sky, and he groaned as he continued, “He killed the king and spared Zelda. The man wore light blue tunic, a sort of ritualistic armor, black underclothes, and held a gigantic double Helix sword. He stated his name once, and he said his name was fierce de...” Then there was a flash of brilliant light. The salesman now sat at links feet. He was dead.

“I knew he wasn’t going to finish that sentence.” Link turned and walked back to the temple, where the Triforce glowed with an intense light. Link stared at the reflection, and saw a figure. Link turned around, unsheathing his sword at the same time. When he saw the figure, he gasped. That armor, the clothes the sword, the hat, all of it reminded Link of him. It reminded him of the one Link had sided with to take on the infamous Majora’s Mask. Fierce Deity stood before him, ready to fight.

Chapter Two: Face Off

“Link, I finally meet you. I have wanted to do one thing ever since I became free. I have wanted to face the son of the king since I was defeated at Death Mountain. I have been separated from my soul, my body trapped for twenty years, and I have had to live of the blood of the Hylians for twenty long years. I have had one desire, to kill you.” Fierce Deity said pointing at Link, “I was made the bad guy, I was left to die, and I have lost my soul. I was put on this earth to keep Majora under control, and I did that. The long nights, the endless nightmares, and the lost life I live was to keep Majora under control.  I...”

“Majora was a mask, what did you do to stop it?” Link asked.

“Link, you saw the final form that Majora took when he tormented Termina, the whips, the size. I was sent to make sure Majora never got past that stage. However, before you were born I got restless. I got strong, waiting for Majora to attack. Your king got worried, and the war started. How did you defeat Majora?”

“I fought alone at first. The first two forms were weak. Then the Wrath form came. I had only one option. The Fierce Deity mask. How did you escape the mask?” Link said.

“Link do you still have the mask? Give me the mask. Then I can fight at my full potential and arise the six other deities. Link, I can make the world into a huge battlefield. Do I have to kill you to make you give me the mask? ANSWER ME, KID!”

“A fight, I’ll gladly defeat you right now.” Link grabbed the hilt of his Razor’s Edge sword, and he flipped it out of it’s sheath. He unhooked his skid shield and he got into dueling fighting stance. Link rush Deity and he swung at his chest. Deity picked up a sword left by Link two years ago and blocked Link’s shot. Link and Deity exchanged some vicious blows and they kept fighting. Link ducked and dodged the Double helix swords downward slices, and was able to elude the energy discs that the Deity slung at him. Deity then stood in the middle of the temple.

“Link, why do you hold back. I am fighting at my lowest strength and you can only dodge. How could a weakling like you be the Hero of time? I fight with my true status against all of my threats. I have waited for a chance to fight the son of the man who split my body and spirit. But you can’t even last this long.” Deity threw off his Helix sword as he said this.

“Huh. I guess it’s gonna be one of those kinds of days. Well, then I probably won’t be needing my shield. Deity, do you have any clue whatsoever on what it’s like being dead and being recreated, and fighting a warrior like you in the same day? This sucks. After I beat you I’m gonna relax for a month. Well, let’s get this round started.” Link said while leaning on the alter.

Link got back into his famous dueling stance. The light from the windows faded in and out as the fighters summoned tremendous strength. Link steadied his mind and body and closed his eyes. Right when Link began the first move his senses were thrown off. Link open his eyes and glanced at the Deity. Their strength had cause both of them to glow eerily. Link jump up and cleared his mind. He place his sword at an angle and put his energy in the sword. Deity had picked his sword up and charged his enormous energy disc. Link spun his newly charged sword around his hand until it was in a comfortable grip. Deity threw his energy disc, and watched it’s power separate the air around it, causing the air to burst into flames. Link spun around, the energy from the wave spread around. Link caught one glimpse of the flashes and realized that the explosion would destroy the remains. Link ran forward, trying to get in-between the energy attacks. Then the air was once again split by the explosion that came when the two energy attacks collided.

Link covered his eyes and ducked down. The lights blinked furiously. After awhile the lights died down and Link could stand again. Link scanned the area to see the total damage, then gasped at the sight before him. A red energy ball stood in the middle of the still standing temple. Link walked towards the red omen and touched the edge of the ball. Link was thrown back as the ball vanished and The core materialized into the form of a beaten down man wearing a red, blood-stained tunic, some thick boots, and a red Kokiri cap. The man held onto a double Helix sword and on his back was a shield that could make a perfect Skid shield. He turned around and faced Fierce Deity.

“Deity! Come at me you coward. You ran away when I was down and you took away thousands of opportunities that I had. I will kill you for the luck that you gave me. Now! That’s My Game!” The red figure yelled.

The two fighters hit each other, and a red orb surrounded the warriors. They fought inside the orb, while Link stood out helplessly. The two silhouettes fought endlessly, and every shot echoed through the Temple. Link smiled at the effort of the two fighters. He respected their moves, and they were like newly polished fighters. The ground around the orb shook. The orb kept changing from red to blue, and then Link heard a scream. The red orb dissolved, and a single sword stood. Link grabbed the sword, and the reality struck. The red warrior was dead. Link looked at Deity. He was laughing and mocking the great fighter. Link felt his blood boil as Deity mocked. Link did a sword symbol for respect, dug the sword into the ground, and stared at Deity ready to fight.

The forces between Link and Fierce Deity had reached an all time high. Link unsheathed his sword. Fierce Deity summoned a giant Helix sword. Link attacked first. He brought is sword at Deity’s face. Deity blocked it and looped around Link to break him with the Helix sword. He was too slow. Link read the attack, jumped, and called Avon to shoot a flare. The flare blinded Deity, and Link tried to slash Deity. Deity ducked and swung his sword around. Link sidestepped and jumped back. He used his magic to create a Faroe’s Wind checkpoint. Then Link charged up for his special spin attack. He let the attack go, not knowing that Deity had let an energy disk at him. The energy from the attacks had knocked both fighters back. Link then used his magic to teleport to the checkpoint he made. This happened to be right over Deity’s head.

“Busted. You are as good as they said,” Deity declared,” Let us fight like legends. Hand to hand. It is the true meaning of war.”

“Sure” Link agreed.

Link focused his mind on a single thought. He pictured Darunia with the trophy he had won two years ago. He knew there was one way to get it back. When he opened his eyes, he had some boxing gloves on.

Deity looked infuriated. “ Nice trick”

The fight began with Deity. He let a steady flow of punches fly. Link couldn’t keep up with the constant stream of punches. He was busted up and he could barely stand. Then, out of nowhere, Link unleashed a barrage of punches. Deity dodged each punch. On the last punch, Deity almost fell backwards. He was balancing on his feet but his body was bent completely horizontal. He stood there like that for about ten seconds. Then he let out a scream of piecing white-hot pain. He fell to floor and grabbed his temples while he rolled around still screaming. Then the commotion stopped.

“I dare you, you idiotic fool, to hit me.” Deity said while getting up. Link did.

“I hit Fierce Deity. AND MAN DID THAT HURT!” Link thought.