The Legend of Zelda: Willow
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"The Legend of Zelda: Willow", prologue

The Legend of Zelda: Willow

By: Richforce

(Note: This is my first fan fiction and I'd like to thank a few people. First my Brother James for his support, Shigeru Miyamoto for making such a great toy, George Lucas for writing the movie Willow on which this piece is based, I'd also like to thank for reference material, and last but not lest my lord and savoir Jesus Christ. When you see words in parenthesis I'm interrupting the story to tell you something. I'll try to avoid this as much as possible. With that out of the way let's get on with the show.)

Prologue: The Destined Child

It is a time of dread in the land of Hyrule. Although Link was successful in defeating Majora it had unforeseen effects. The dark wizard Agahnim survived the falling moon and was banished from the land of Terminia vowing revenge against its people. He eventually met Ganondorf and became his right hand committing acts of unspeakable darkness. When Link defeated Ganondorf, Agahnim vowed to take back what was stolen from his master.

Three years after that fateful day Agahnim rules Hyrule and Terminia with an iron fist, his army of the underworld robs and plunders helpless villages. Only the country of Catalia remained free, but it seemed only a matter of time till it too falls.

However prophecy spoke of a child born with a mark of power who would bring about his downfall. Seeking every pregnant woman in the land he intended to kill the child at birth. But when the child was born the midwife secreted her away making a small raft and pushed it down the River Running just before Agahnim's Wolfos killed her. Our story begins near a small village in Catalia.