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"Zelda's Sleepover Party"

Zelda's Sleepover Party

By: Chibi Sakura

Link: (everyone is sitting in Zelda's entertaiment room, while Nabooru went to find a movie) Jeez! Is Nabooru buying the whole video place?

Saria: I hope it's not scary! (starts shivering)

Ganondorf: Ha ha ha! What a wimp! She's scared of a movie! (an evil grin spreds across his face and he taps Saria on the head)

Saria: Eeeeek! A monster is attacking me!

Ganondorf: Ha ha! You're such a scaredy-cat!

Rauru: Now, Ganondorf, don't tease the little one.

Ganondorf: (sighs) Oh all right, I'll stop.

Nabooru: (runs into the room) I found the perfect movie! It's called: Gladiator!

Link: Uh...Nabooru...that's rated...R!

Zelda: Saria can't watch that!

Nabooru: Don't worry! I got Saria a movie for her watch! It's called: Teletubbies!

Ganondorf: Ha-ha! Saria has to watch Teletubbies! What a baby!

Ruto: (slaps Ganondorf on the back of the head) Rauru told you to stop teasing Saria!

Impa: Saria, you can watch Teletubbies in Zelda's bedroom. (takes Saria's hand and leads her to Zelda's bedroom)

Darunia: All right! Let's put the movie in!

Nabooru: (puts in the video) Here it comes!

Link: Wow! (the Dream Works logo appears on the T.V. screen.)

Darunia: Ssshhhh! It's starting!

On the screen:
Maximus: (starts clashing swords with an enemy soldier) Hey-yaaa! (soon the war ends, and the movie plays all the way to when the men are killing Maximus's family)

Son: Waaaah! Mommy! Daaady! (soldier starts nailing him to a pole)

Wife: (smiles sadly) Ack! Ow! Oooooh...

Soldier: (grins evilly) Heh heh. Soon you'll join that traitor- Maximus!

Wife: W-what did Maximus do?!

Soldier: (lights two torches and sets the fire to the son's pole and the wife's pole) Oh, nothing...he just betrayed the new emperor!

(the part ends and the movie plays all the way to the last part where Maximus fights Commudus, who is the cruel emperor)

Maximus: You murdered my family!

Commudus: Wah-ha-ha! You shall never defeat me!

Maximus: Think again! (sticks his sword into Commudus's neck)

Commudus's sister: Maximus is a hero! Thank-you...

Maximus: I have survived my last will...join my family... (he falls to the ground and dies)

The movie ends.

Ruto: (wipes her eyes and blows her nose) Man, that was so sad!

Link: Those fights were so cool!

Zelda: Maximus was so brave!

Darunia: May God always be with Maximus! (there is a pause)

Link: So, what do we do now?

Zelda: Dance of course! (she pops a C.D. into her stereo)

Saria: Hey everyone! I'm back!

Ganondorf: Oh dear Nayru!

Darunia: Cut it out! (pushes Ganondorf off his chair)

Impa: Oh Goddesses! This is an M&M C.D.! Saria shouldn't listen to this! (she starts leading Saria out of the room once again) You can listen to the Barney Movie sound track...

Link: Look at me! (starts spinning around in a circle)

Ruto: Go Link! Go Link! Go Link!

Ganondorf: That's nothing! (starts doing back-flips)

Zelda: (looks at Link) Oooooo! (looks at Ganondorf) Aaaaah!

Darunia: Watch me, watch watch! (does the Bunny Hop)

Ruto: Cooooool! (does the Can-Can) Can Can! Can you do the Can-Can? I can do the Can-Can! Can can can can can can can!

Zelda: (starts jumping around the room)  R-O-W  D-I-E! That's the way we spell Rowdie! R-O-W-D-I-E ! Rowdie rowdie! Rowdie! Let's get Rowdie! (does a front flip and does the splits when she lands) Yaaaaaaaaaaay!

Rauru: (sighs)  I remember my days in dance class! (starts doing disco, but his hand knocks the stereo over and it breaks)

Everyone: Rauru!

Rauru: (blushes) Heh heh...oops?

Nabooru: Well, what now?

Ruto: Water fight! (gives everyone a Super Soaker)

Link: Oh yeah! (squirts Rauru)

Impa: (walks into the room with Saria) What is all that noise?!

Saria: Hi everybody! Did you miss me?

Ganondorf: (sprays Saria) Eat this, kid!

Saria: Waaaaaaaaaah! Ganondorf! I'm telling Darunia!

Darunia: Here you go! (chases Ganondorf and totally soaks him)

Link: Well, let's go to sleep now, 'cause I'm so tired!

Darunia: All right.

Ganondorf: Pheew!

(everyone gets into their sleeping bags)

Link: Stay tooned for another Zelda's Sleepover story soon... (yawns then goes to sleep )

The End