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"Zora's Plight"

Zora's Plight

By: Anonymous


It was noon in the Zora kingdom. The Zoras were swimming around, as usual, but then the waves began to pick up. A rumbling and gurgling was heard, and then at a spot, the water turned black and began to rapidly spread. The Zoras began to panic, and rushed down and got as much as they could hold; getting there most valuable possessions. They raced up to the surface, and burst free of the water just in time and landed on the shore. They watched in grief and horror as their land was polluted; then they saw the cause. The peak of a volcano burst the surface, and began to spew lava into the water. Ash was coming out of it, and what was making the water murky. A small Zora child bent down, and put his finger in the water. The ash had turned the water as thick as pudding. The Zoras were shocked. Then, figures began to burst out of the water. It was the royal family! They had not been alerted, and they had got out just before the toxins had begun to go through the water. Another volcano came up at the top of the Zora waterfalls, and lava began to pour down the now dried-up waterfall. The Soldiers of the Zora Army had grabbed their weapons, and waited for what to do.

Then the great Zora spoke up, "We must find a new home, even if we must take it by force."


It was three days after the destruction of the land of Zora. The news hadn't spread to the forest, and Link was asleep on the grass at noon, savoring the heat. Then, somebody was standing over Link. He stirred and sat up. "W.What do you want?" Link said sleepily. Link was only fourteen, after all, and didn't like to be bothered.

"The king has summoned you to his chambers," the finely-dressed man said.

Link sat up, and had his crabby-face on. "Oh, all right," Link said, and saw the man's horse about three feet from his head. Link got up, and rode to the castle. Link went in, and passed a number of Zora. "What are they doing here?" asked Link.

"They are the reason you have been summoned," the man said, and led Link into the king's chambers. Sitting at the negotiation table was the king of the Zora, the Great Zora. He wasn't his usual magnificent self. He just had a pair of aqua-blue shorts on.

"Hello, Link!" said the king.

"What is the matter, is Gannon back?" inquired Link.

"No, it isn't that. Let Othmarkok explain," said the king.

"Volcanoes have erupted all over the Zora kingdom. Our crystal-clear water has been polluted, and become so filled with ash it is like mud. Lava is being spewed from a volcano at the top of the Zora waterfall, and already the whole Zora land has been dried up. I have made a decision," said the great Zora, fingering the sword at his belt.

"And what is that?" asked Link.

"We want to flood the Kokiri forest, and make it our new home," said the Zora king. Link was taken aback. He had been appointed honorary protector of the forest, and he wanted to destroy the Kokiri children's homes!

"WHOA! People live there. You can't just 'push them out!' They have lived there all of their lives. I have lived there all my life!!!" Link said, jumping out of his chair. Link calmed down somewhat, and continued, "Couldn't you move into Lake Hylia or something?"

"No, it is not nearly big enough. We have found out that there is a river that runs deep in the forest. The forest lies in a bowl shape, and the walls surrounding the forest would keep the water in. And besides, they are just a bunch of children. You can move them out, and we can move in. It is for the greater good," the Zora said with a smug smile.

Link's face began to turn red, and he lept out of the chair. "YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!! THEY WHERE THERE FIRST!!! YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO FIND SOME OTHER PLACE TO MAKE YOUR HOME!!!" Link screamed, and a decoration fell to the floor with a loud clang. Link was still seething with rage. Link then sat back down, his balled-up fist shaking.

"Shut up, foolish boy. We have found evidence that we were the first in Hyrule. Our sage has confirmed the authenticity," the Great Zora said, getting angry at the stubborn boy.

"Where is she? I want to ask her about it myself," said Link.

"We had to lock her up for reasons we are not about to tell you."

Link was so mad, he couldn't speak. Link's face was almost purple. Link calmed down, because getting angry, or, say, killing the Great Zora wouldn't solve anything. "My King, I request that ALL the sages be brought together, because this a problem for the whole kingdom, and we need there guidance and wisdom, and that includes the Zora sage," Link said.

"She has gone insane, she is of no help to you," said the Zora king.

"You're lying. She probably opposes your plan to flood the forest. That is why she is locked up, isn't it? She probably found another place for you to make your home, but you want the forest. There is something special about it that you want," said Link, and the Zora went into a rage, and began to yell at Link. Link wasn't listening. He was thinking of what in the forest was of value. Then Link remembered the husk of the Great Deku Tree. Then he remembered the tablets. What if there was something on those tablets that told of something valuable beneath the tree? Link then interrupted the Great Zora's yelling to say, "Great Zora, can me and the fellow sages have a look at the tablets?" Link asked.

"No, you may not. You would destroy the tablets to try to thwart us."

But Link then cut him off, "There is something hidden under the Great Deku Tree, isn't there? That is why you want to take the forest, isn't it? What is it? Gold? Rubies? Diamonds? Or is it magical? Is it a magic item?" Link said, and the Zora began to sputter. "Let us see the tablets, and then we shall see. Bring us the Zora sage, and we will then see," said Link, then he stood up.

"You will never."

Link cut him off again, "Perhaps I should tell the other sages that you have imprisoned one of their own, and that you are making ridiculous accusations against her. Before long, you will probably try to say she killed someone."

"She has already. HEY!" the king started, and his face turned red. He was really tired of that little boy. He stood up, and stormed off without a word. Link then turned around, and began to leave.

"What are we going to do if the Zoras are right, and they try to take over the forest by force?" asked the king.

"We fight for it. The Zoras might go in there and murder all the Kokiri children," Link stated, and walked out. The man who escorted Link there was waiting for him. Link was about to leave the castle, when Zelda ran up to him. Link never could figure out why she liked him, but was glad she did. She was seventeen, and about to turn eighteen, and almost a foot taller than Link, and very beautiful.

"Hi, Link!" she said, and bounded over to him, and grabbed him and picked him up off the ground, and showered his face with kisses. Link then found her lips, and planted a good one on her. "Did you hear what happened?" she said, after Link dismissed the man, saying that he could walk home. "The Zoras land has been destroyed, and..."

".They want to flood the Kokiri forest," Link finished for her. She nodded sadly, because she had been to the forest many times with Link when they first got together, when Link was ten and she was thirteen. Link loved her, but was too scared to say so, and her the same. She thought the forest was the most beautiful place in Hyrule, and she didn't want to see it destroyed.

"D.Do you want to come to the forest with me?" asked Link.

"Yes, I would like that." And they walked somberly hand-in-hand to the forest. Link looked at everything, and remembered the words of the Great Zora. It made Link want to cry, thinking of his home being underwater. Both Link and Zelda weren't truly aware of how deep their feelings were, and Link tried to hold back the tears, not knowing what Zelda would think. However, he wasn't very successful, and tears began to run down his cheeks, and a sob escaped him after they both went into his treehouse.

Zelda heard it and asked. "Are you crying, Link?" Link began to feel ashamed, and buried his head in his pillow to try and muffle the noise. Zelda walked over to him, and sat down on his bed beside him. Link moved away from her. Link couldn't hold any of his emotions back. The thoughts of losing his home to another tore him up inside. Zelda laid down next to Link and said, "It's ok," soothingly over and over. She wrapped her arms around him, and pulled him tight to her.

He rolled over, and faced Zelda. "I.I don't want this happen. Isn't t.there something I can do? What if he was right, and had claims to the forest? I don't w.want to lose my h.home," he sobbed out, and she kissed him on the head.

"It will be o.k., you will see. Nothing will happen. I'm sure there is something that we can do," she said, and pulled him as close to her as she could. He wrapped his arms around her. He began to ask her questions to stuff he always wanted to know.

"Zelda, why do you like me? You're almost four years older than me, and a foot taller, too," Link asked out of the blue.

"I just do that's all," she said, and Link looked into her blue eyes. Link felt sleepy, but it was only about three in the afternoon. Link then closed his eyes. Zelda laid her head down too, and fell asleep also.

Saria got bored, as usual, and went over to his usual sleep-spot. "He's not here, I wonder if he is at his house," she said to herself, and climbed up the ladder. She then saw the two of them asleep. She tried to tip-toe out, but a plank of wood went creeaakk. Zelda and Link both sat up, disturbed by the loud sound.

Link then said, "Saria, I have some really bad news," Link said right off the bat, not trying to hide it until later.

"What is it?" she asked, and moved closer to the bed. Link then told her about the Zoras crisis, about there 'plan' to get a new home, and the imprisonment of the 'insane' sage (he voiced his views on all of the things the Great Zora said), and about the deduction of why the sage was imprisoned, and what was on those tablets, and why they want the Kokiri forest (It was well-known that the Zora would never destroy there home to try to get something through a plot, because they were one of the most peaceful peoples in Hyrule).

"Do you think we should call the other sages?" asked Link.

"Yes! I also think that we should meet with the Zora sage. We have to make sure he is telling the truth," Saria said, and they spent the rest of the day thinking up plans on what to do.

Link walked Zelda back to the castle and said, "Zelda, don't come to the forest anymore. Because if they plan a surprise attack, they could kidnap you or worse. I will come to see you," Link said, and kissed her goodbye, and went back to the Kokiri forest, and went to sleep.

The next day, the news had reached the far-ends of the kingdom, and all the sages had assembled, except for the Zora sage. The next day, Link and Saria went to the castle. Already there were the other sages. They all looked worried. They all looked over to Link and Saria when they entered the small room. Also there was the Great Zora. He his face shifted to angry when he saw Link.

"Well, lets start." said Darunia when Link and Saria entered.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think it would..." started the Great Zora, but Link cut in, as usual.

"We want to see her, to make sure."

"I'm sorry, but I don't..."

"We want to see her, and we want to see the tablets. You know that we won't try to destroy them," said Link.

The Great Zora was starting to panic. He couldn't think of very more excuses. "I'm sorry, but the tablets have been destryoed," he said, and his eyes began shift around nervously. Then, all the sages got within a few inches of his face. The Zora king began to sweat (very rare for a Zora) and began to scoot back. "ALL RIGHT!!! ALL RIGHT!!!" he yelled, flinging up his arms.

They smiled, and he stormed out of the room. They all followed, and he turned around. "Why are you following me?!" he asked, spit flying from his mouth.

"We want to make sure that we get there before she 'escapes'," said Link, and the Zora was so furious that his blue face was going an interesting color of red. They where still following him, and exited the castle. A bunch of Zoras armed with short swords was accompaning them, and they came upon the Zora camps. Thousands of homeless Zora where camped out. Link was watching them, feeling sad. He never knew there where so many Zora. Link thought there was about as many Zora as there were Kokiri. He never knew there were so many. The walked through the crowd, all of them looking at them, looking pitiful.

They finally came to a small building that was dilapidated. They went inside, and there was the Zora sage, and she was chained to the wall. She hadn't been let out of the shackles in days, and her pants were soiled, and there was a horrible stentch. She raised her head, and her eyes had been covered.

"Hello," Link said.

"Is that you, Link? They have locked me up!" she said.

"We can see that. Why did they do it?" asked Link

"Because they are..." but them the Great Zora hit her with a bolt of energy, and she began to scream in pain, and the blindfold fell off.

She then began to scream, "THEY WANT THE MAGIC ITEM UNDER THE GREAT DEKU TREE!!! THEY WAN..." but then the great Zora intensified the beam; but then Link pulled out his sword, and konked him with the broadside of it. Link then took care of the guards, and the other sages unlocked the cell, and got her. They quickly ran out of the building, and began to run from the camp. Zoras began to surrrond them, and then the sages concentrated and transported to the castle.

Zelda saw the flash out of her window, and ran down the stairs. They walked up to the castle, and Link collapsed. He had been stabbed a couple of times, and he had to fight the pain to keep going. But he couldn't stand it now, and collapsed to the ground, and began to cry, not because of the pain, but because he thought that he was about to die. They turned around, and saw Link lying there in the pool of blood, and him crying, and Zelda came running up. She saw him, and began to cry. She picked him up, and Impa said, "Hurry, Zelda, bring him inside!" Impa said, and Zelda ran inside, faster than she ever ran.

She was holding Link like a baby, with blood running down her skirt. "Here, put him down right here. I need something to wrap around his woun..." Zelda suddenly ripped off her dress, and gave it to Impa. She wrapped it around his gashes in his stomach, and around the ones in his arms.

Link looked at Zelda and said weakly "Y...You need to get some clothes on."

"I'm not going to leave you," she managed to say, and began to cry.

"I'm not going anywhere, go up and put something on, please," Link said, then began to cough, and spit-up blood. Zelda then took a step back, then hesitated. "Go!" Link said, and had another coughing fit. Zelda then zipped up the stairs, and came down fully dressed. She rushed back over to Link, where Saria was at, and she looked over at Zelda.

"Zelda, Link is going to die if we can't do something. We might be able to seal up his wounds if we all use our powers," Saria said. "His wounds will heal, but it won't replace the blood he's lost. He still may not make it. Here, we have to join hands..." she said, and everbody joined hands, and began to concentrate on Link. They began to glow, and bolts of energy shot out and hit Link, and his wounds closed-up, and only thin lines showed what was once a bloody gash.

"We need to wash the blood off him," said Impa, and Zelda picked up Link in her arms, and took him to Zelda's bathtub.

Link began to stir, and looked up at Zelda. "Am I dead? I don't feel the pain anymore," said Link.

"No, you're not dead. We just saved your life. We are just going to give you a bath," she said, and took Link into the bathroom.

Link then said, "I...I can bathe myself," he said, and looked into Zelda's eyes. She began to cry tears of happiness. She was also extremly exahusted, and she was straining to keep going. Link only weighed about a hundred pounds, but carried him up about five flights of stairs. They had finally got to her room. She took him in, and then he said after Zelda set him on her bed, "Zelda, I can bathe myself," he said, and was ashamed. Link thought that the only reason that she liked him was because he was the Hero of Time, and because he saved the world of Termina (which also stopped a asteroid from hitting Hyrule, which nobody, not even Link knew about). He also thought that she thought he was very strong.

"You are still too...."

"I can bathe myself," said Link, cutting her off, and stood up, and then fell over. Link then got to his feet slowly, and swayed into the bathroom. Zelda then came in after him, and turned him on some water. "Thank you," said Link, looking at what looked like a large marble pyramid. "You bathe in that thing?" asked Link, and the water was ready. Zelda turned off the water, and Link looked at her for five seconds, and then said "Leave, Zelda!" Link yelled, and felt woozy.

Zelda turned around, and walked out. Link then struggled over to the door, and locked it. He then undressed, and got in the bubbly water. Link felt terrible. He never knew when he had felt worse. Link then bathed, and got out, and looked at his bloody tunic. The only thing that wasn't covered in blood was his shorts. He put them on, and looked at his shirt and tunic. They where soaked in blood. Link then thought of what Zelda would say if she saw him. Link then looked around, and saw a pile of clothes. He looked through it, and found a green shirt that didn't have flowers or something else on it. Link put it on. It was a little long, so he tucked it in and tightened up his belt. Link then stepped out of the bathroom, felt dizzy, and fell to the floor with a thump. Link was woozy, and Impa stepped in. Impa scooped-up Link and put him on the bed. "Zelda! You shouldn't have let Link walk! He is very weak. He could die if he over-exerts himself. It would cause his heart to shut-down."

After hearing that, Link began to panic. Everything was starting to turn black. "Impa, everything is going dark, am I dying?" said Link, beginning to shake violently.

"No, I just closed the curtain."

Link calmed down, and said. "Is there any way I can walk around without falling?" Link asked, because he didn't like to lay down.

"Yes, but Zelda is going to have to support you. I would normally make you go to sleep, but we need to plan what to do," said Impa, and Link tried to stand, but was still to wozy.

"Here, let me help..." and Zelda grabbed onto his hand, and pulled him to his feet. Zelda was almost twice as strong as Link. Link knew it, and was ashamed of it. Link held onto her arm, and Zelda led the way. Soon, Link was so exhausted that he fainted, and Zelda picked him up, and Link soon recovered. Link just looked up at her.

Impa soon came with a strange-looking chair. "This is a wheel chair. Zelda will be able to push you around a lot easier than she can carry you." She gently laid Link in the chair, and they pushed him along, untill they got to some stairs. They gently led him down, and they soon came to the royal meeting room. They each sat at their spots, for the sages each had their own chair.

Link saw the Zora sage, and she had bathed and changed also. "I guess you all want to know what is under the Deku Tree. Under it is a treasure trove of magical items. I will try to name as many as I can..." she said, and began to think she then began to speak. "Under there is the fire rod and ice rod, a set of magical flippers that can make anybody float like a cork, and swim fast. Also was the ice rod and fire rod. A magic cape that can make the wearer quieter and less likley to be caught than a Gerudo, two magical canes, blue and red magic mail, a large mirror shield that can stop energy beams. Gloves that can make someone as strong as the most powerful Goron. Shoes that can make someone be faster than a horse. And many other items. That is what they're after! They mistook what I had said. They thought that they were the first here, actually, they where given the first pick of land," she said, and then they began to get deep into talk of strategics.

Link then began to nod off, and his head then plopped onto Zelda's shoulder. The meeting then ended, and Impa woke him up. "Link, you need to eat something."

Link nodded, and saw the large patch of drool on Zelda's sleeve. She began to wipe at it. She rolled him into the dining room. Link began to feel pretty lousy again. She doesn't like me. The only reason she stays with me is because she thinks I'm tough and a hero. I bet she will dump me after this. She's  almost eighteen! And she is the princess! She could have anyone she wants,  Link thought, and his face fell. He began to eat, and felt like crying. Link was an emotional person, but there was only one person he would ever willingly reveal his feelings to. Link finished his dessert, and a tear slid down his cheek. He quickly wiped it away, and Saria saw it.

She went over to Link and said, "Is there something you want to talk to me about?" she asked, and his voice cracked, barely being able to contain his emotions.

"Yes, Saria."

"Zelda, can you take Link to a room so me and him can talk quietly?" she asked, and Zelda nodded. She wheeled Link along, with Saria trailing.

"Here we are," she said, and pushed Link into a room with two beds in it. She then left, and went back to the dining hall. Link put himself on the bed, and Saria sat next to him, and put he arm around him.

"What is it you want to talk to me ab..." she started to say, but Link burst into tears, and was barely able to choke-out the words.

"S...She doesn't like me. Why s...should she? Why would someone like her love me? Like me? Even be my friend?" And buried his head in her shoulder.

"Do you love her?" asked Saria.

"Yes," Link said.

"Then you better tell her, because I saw the way she was when she carried you in, when you say her name. She must love you," she said, patting his head.

"Saria, could you get Zelda for me? There is something I need to tell her," Link said, and she got Zelda, and she came in and sat down.

"Saria said that you had something to tell me," said Zelda.

"Zelda, I...I," Link said.

Zelda looked at Link, and Zelda looked Link in the eye. "I love you too," she said.

"Zelda, you know I am only fourteen, right?" Link said, thinking this was too good to be true. "And you know I am not very strong, right?"

"I knew from the moment I met you," she said with a innocent-looking smile.

"Then why do you love me?" Link asked.

"Because you are the nicest guy I know. I was scared that you wouldn't like me," she said.

"Well, good night," said Link, and he heard a scraping as Zelda scooted the other bed next to his.

"Is it ok if I sleep with you?" she asked. Link nodded, and took off his shirt, and Zelda was staring at Link. She then began to undress, and Link tried hard not to stare. "It's ok, you can look," she said, standing there in her underwear and bra. Link was still embarrassed, and she pulled her shirt back on. She then layed down next to Link. She pulled her arms around Link. "Link, is everthing going to be alright? I don't know," Zelda said.

As it turned out, on the way to their rooms, they began to stop at the door. Impa stopped at the door first, right after Zelda entered the room. The door was open a crack. She began to watch, and the Zora sage wandered by. Then Darunia, and the other sages. Then finally the king, and Saria. Link and Zelda where in bed by then, and she had just put her arms around Link. She then took her shirt back off, and Link rolled over to face her. His eyes went wide. "Oh, come on, your not still embarrassed, are you?!" she asked, annoyed.

Link then bent down to whisper in her ear, "Your father, and all the other sages are watching us." Zelda turned her head, and sure enough, there were all their eyes peering through. Zelda stood up, and casually walked to her closet. She then yanked the door open, and all the sages fell onto the floor, with the heavy Goron Darunia on top, squishing everbody else.

"Quit looking in on me!!!" she yelled, and everybody made a hasty retreat. "Let's go up to my room, my bed is more comfy, and my door has a lock," Zelda said, and Link and Zelda pulled their stuff back on, and she wheeled him to the stairs, and they were faced with a dilemma.

"How am I going to get up." Link started to say, but Zelda scooped up Link, and carried him up the stairs. Link just resigned himself to been carried by her, and they where soon at her room. Zelda put Link down on the bed, and went back to get the chair. She came back with it, and changed into her nightgown.

"Scoot over," she said. Link did so, and she wrapped her legs around his.

"AACCK! Your legs are freezing!" Link said, trying to wiggle away. But she had a firm grip, and he couldn't get away. She then wrapped her arms around him, and held him close to her body. However, he wasn't nearly as tall as her, so his head wasn't. "Zelda? Zelda! I can't." he said, though the sound was greatly muffled because his head was buried in her chest. She released him, and he gasped for air. "Huuhhhhh. You almost suffocated me!" he said, and she clenched him again, this time his and her head even.

"Link, don't leave me," she began to say over and over, holding Link as tight as she could. "I thought you were going to die. You almost died before I had a chance to tell you how I." she said, but Link interrupted her.

"I love you Zelda, and you know that now," Link said, and he kissed her with the first real kiss he had given her. Soon they fell asleep, still in their tight embrace. Morning came, and Impa came in, and they still were in there embrace.

"Wake up, you two!" she said, and shook them both awake. They both sat up, and Link stood up. He had recovered enough strength to be able to stand on his own. They went downstairs, and Darunia summoned them all together.

"The Zora army has been spotted on the move. They are heading towards the Kokiri forest. The army has been assembled. We have brought forces from Death Mountain, and from the Gerudo Valley. They are ready, but we don't know if we will be able to hold them back. The Kokiri forest has already been evacuated, and we have an elite battalion of Gorons and Gerudo waiting if they get through the front lines. Our forces will be engaging any moment. We are to join the battalion at the entrance to the forest," said Darunia. "I have some horses ready to take us to the entrance to the forest."

Then they went to the courtyard. Even at the castle, they could hear the distant sound of warfare. They mounted, and went to the forest. Link put on his Fierce Deity mask, and they could see the remnants of the army coming fast. There were still about three thousand left. Link swung the giant sword over his head, and gave the signal to fire. Gorons threw boulders, Gerudo shot arrows, and the sages bombarded them with magic. Link began to clear them out with beams from the Fierce Deity sword. The sages each used their own kind of magic. Darunia just sent large balls of energy as fast as he could make them, and the Zora sage Ruto rained down thousands of balls of energy the size of rupees. However, they slowly advanced still. Saria used a different method. She called on the tall Dekus standing by the forest to use their Deku nuts.

They got within a hundred feet, and suddenly thousands of Deku nuts began to fly from the trees and bombarded the Zora army, which was down now to only about eight hundred Zora. The sages had by this time exhausted their power and the ones that couldn't fight retreated and watched. Link let a final beam go, and rushed into battle. His first swipe beheaded almost ten Zora, and soon the rest of the force was decimated. Suddenly, the battalion burst into cheers. Not one of them had died, and they had stopped the force.

Link went over to the Zora sage. She was crying. "Are you ok, Ruto?" Link asked, uncertain.

"I.I murdered my own kind." she said, and then some of the warriors saw a lone Zora in the distance. He was walking towards them, and had a full suit of armor on. They stopped their celebrating and readied their weapons. He was battered and beaten. Then, Ruto saw who it was. It was the Great Zora! She then began to wet herself uncontrollably. Link saw the terror on her face, and the wetness streaming out from under her. Link walked up to the Great Zora, still with the Fierce Deity mask on. The Great Zora was slightly terrified by Link's totally white eyes.

"I have come to surrender," said the Great Zora. Then, Link took off his mask, and the Zora king was surprised and shocked. He had watched from far off the fight, and the destruction of this particular one. The king was enraged, and with one quick movement, shoved his sword through the side of Link's ribs when he was distracted, all the way to the other side. "That is for killing my soldiers, and for killing any chance of my people of having a new home." Link fell to his knees, and the whole battalion rushed up to Link, and then the King kicked him in the wound, and Link moaned, and the Zora king disappeared in a puff of smoke a fraction of a second before they got to Link.

Zelda ran to Link's side, crying. For Link, everything was getting hazy and dim. Link began to shake violently, fearing death was near. The Sages surrounded Link. Link looked up, and saw Zelda's face. She was bent down next to him. Link began to shake even more violently. "Don't leave me. Please, don't leave me," she began to sob, and things where starting to get hazy.

"I will try not. I will tr." Then everything went black, and Link's heart stopped beating. Zelda began to cry, and tried to shock his heart back using small bolts of energy. "PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME!!!" she began to scream, and her magic began to run out. She then used her last bits of magic to zap him with everything she had. Link convulsed, and slowly took a breath.

"We need something to bandage the wound," said Impa, and she pulled off Link's shirt (really Zelda's) and ripped it into rags, tying them tight around his waist. They then began to gallop towards the palace. Zelda was holding Link like a baby, whispering to him. Link was in terrible pain, and they finally arrived at the castle. There, they quickly put him on a table, and tried to seal his wounds again with magic. However, they were only able to close them a little bit, and Link was desperately low on blood. Link's face was extremely pasty and white, and he had begun to sweat. He looked like a vampire that hadn't fed in a while. They bandaged him up, and Impa fetched the wheelchair.

Link was in a daze, full of pain. She then wheeled him down a hall, and found him a suitable room. "I can't believe the Great Zora did that!" Impa said. The Great Zora was known to be a bad loser, but even after losing battles, he never stabbed the victor when he wasn't looking. Impa gently lifted Link onto the bed, and put some bandages on Link. Link began to shake, and Zelda sat down beside him, and looked him straight in the eyes and said, sobbing so much that she could barely speak, and her voice cracked on almost every word.

"Link, s.stop scaring me like that," she said, and began to sob, and Link smiled, the last thing that Zelda thought he would do.

"You frighten to easly," he said, and managed a weak laugh. Zelda began to cry even harder, and Link said, "Come here and lay down with me," he said, and she did. "Now, please stop crying, because if you don't stop, you're going to make me cry," Link said, and Zelda smiled at him. She was rolled over, facing the door. Link the put his arms around her, and she was startled.

"Why did you just grab me there?!" she asked, shocked. Link then quickly pulled his arms back, and buried his face in the pillow. He felt that all the feelings that she had let out were false, and he just wanted to cry. His sadness began to eat at him, and Zelda then said, "It's okay, you can.Link, I didn't."

But Link wasn't listening. He looked at her, and didn't know what to say. "Go. I know how you.really a.are. You only me because I.I'm the Hero of Time," Link said, and Zelda suddenly slapped him, then held him tight.

"I'm so sorry that I said what I did. It was just that you, well, startled me. I don't mind."

But Link suddenly cut in. He was still crying. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to grab you there. I just."

".Wanted a hug, I know. I didn't mean to say it like that, it was just. automatic." Link looked her in the eyes, unsure if she was still leading him on. Link saw compassion in her eyes. It was caring love. "You really are insecure. But that isn't a problem. If you are that way, it is just fine. But you don't have to be that way with me. We love each other, and we can do whatever," she said, and Link relaized it for the first time. They both laid back down, and Link wrapped his arms around her. She was facing him, and then she turned over. Link suddenly tried to pull his arms away, but she grabbed a hold of his hands, and put them back where they were. "It's ok, Link, I know you where just doing it to be polite," she said, and turned back over. She then took off her shirt and pants, and then went to remove her bra, but Link stoped her.

"You don't have to just for." But Zelda did it anyway, and pulled off her underwear, too. Link's face turned red, and tried not to look at her. But, she pulled his head up.

"Linkie, don't be embarresed," she said, and laid down on top of Link. Link then smiled, and finally let go of his refusal to look at her. "OWW!" yelped Link, because her knee got him in the ribs.

"Sorry," she said, and began to kiss him. Ruto walked in, and saw the sight. Her eyes went wide, and then zipped out. Ruto was shocked by the scene in front of her eyes. She stumbled backwards, and tripped crash she tripped over her own feet, and fell over. Link and Zelda suddenly looked over. Zelda was hidden under the covers. Ruto quickly got out of the room, and closed the door, and backed up to the wall. She was tryng to catch her breath, which ran away from her when she saw the scene.

Impa walked up, and asked her, "Is there something wrong, Ruto?" she asked. "Is there something wrong with Link, should I have a look?"

"NO!!! I mean, he he, no," she said, and Impa looked at her quizzically.

Impa tried to open the door, but Ruto quickly stepped in front of it, and said, "Nothing is wrong, Impa! Nothing!" she said, with a panicked smile. Impa didn't believe her, and finally pushed through Ruto, and she opened the door. She then saw Link and Zelda, the covers had come down to Zelda's waist. Zelda then looked over to Impa, and the smile on her face disappeared, and so did Impa's.

"Get your clothes on, your coming with me," Impa demanded.

"I will not, Impa! I am almost eighteen! Leave please," Zelda said, but Impa walked up to Zelda, and grabbed her arm. "I will not!" Zelda said, trying to pull away from Impa.

"You may almost be eighteen, but Link is only fourteen! I forbid you to see him!" Impa yelled, and Zelda was desperately trying to fight Impa off. Zelda then hit Impa with a bolt of energy, but Impa then blasted Zelda, and she was knocked out. She put some clothes on Zelda, and then was about to pick her up, and saw Link there, in shock of what she just did.

"PUT HER DOWN YOU BI..." But then before Link had time to react, Impa hit Link in the ribs, right where his wound was, and as hard as she could. Link doubled over from the pain, and Impa then hit Link as hard as she could in the side of the head with her fist. Zelda began to come to, and saw Link, with a black eye and blood starting to soak his blanket.

"Impa, Link is bleeding. Help him...." she managed to whisper.

And Impa said "Good."

Zelda then saw Ruto, and then summond all her strentgh to say, "Ruto!!! Impa has hurt Link, and he is starting to bl...." but then Impa clamped a hand over her mouth. Ruto saw the scene with Impa, and came in, and saw Link's bloody sheets. He had come to, but he couldn't speak because of terror.

He was shaking violently, and Ruto then magically magnified her voice, and boomed out "LINK HAS BEEN HURT BY IMPA!!! HE'S BLEEDING!!! I NEED HELP!!! I THINK HE IS ABOUT TO DIE!!!" and then the other sages transported in, and Saria had her kit of magical medicine.

Link just looked at them, and managed to whisper "Zelda... Impa has Zelda...Get Zelda for me..." and Ruto quickly ran out, and Saria began to chant, and the wound closed-up, but the damage had been done. Blood had begun to drip off the bed, and Link was very near death, and almost all their magic was gone. Zelda then ran in, and Impa was standing at the door, with a large burn in her shoulder, because Zelda absorbed her magic, and stunned her. Zelda ran up to Link, and knelt down beside him, right in his puddle of blood, but she didn't care.

"Zelda, everything is getting dark. Please don't let me die. I'm not ready to die. There is so much I haven't seen, haven't done, haven't experienced. I love you Zelda. Don't let me die..." and then everything began to get black, and he could see the three godesses there.

"Now isn't your time. We will visit you again," they said in unison, and carried his spirit back to his body. They gave him a kiss on the forehead, and put a small blessing on him. Link never did rememeber his near-death experience. Link began to shake viloently, not because of fear, but because Z elda began to pour magic into his blood, and the color began to return to his ghost-white face, and then Zelda collasped on top of Link.

"Thank you, Zelda. You saved my life," Link whispered, and she managed a weak smile, then fell asleep.

Daruina picked up Zelda gently, and then Saria spoke, "Link, just so you know, you're lying in a puddle of blood."

Link looked under his blanket, and suddenly felt very sick. Saria helped him out of bed, and prepared him a bath, and Link got in the tub and washed-off, but then a problem arose... "HELLO? I NEED SOME CLOTHES! MINE ARE COVERED IN BLOOD!!!" Link yelled. Saria then came in, holding a pair of Zelda's shorts. They where green, as usual. "Saria, just because I wear green, and live in a green forest, and I am surrounded by people who wear green, does that mean that I have to wear green all the time?" Link asked.

"All the other pairs where either purple or pink, and the ones that wheren't those colors had flowers on..."

"OK!OK! I will wear them, sheesh!" Saria then stepped out, and Link got out of the tub, still a little bit woozy. Link then dried off, and put on the shorts. They where made of silk, and they hung down to his knees. They fit fine around his waist, but were very baggy around his legs. Link then stepped out, and Saria was standing there, and she said, "Zelda is her room. Would you like to..."

But Link was already out of the room, and began wander around, trying to find Zelda. Then, he bumped into Impa, literally. "You stay away from Zelda, you hear?! You are to young to know what love me..."


And then Link pushed his way by the stunned Impa and began to stomp up the stairs. "Where are you going?" Impa yelled after Link, wanting to tell him off.

"TO SEE ZELDA!!!" Link yelled, not stopping.

A vein began to pulse in her forehead, and she began to run up the stairs after him "THE HELL YOU ARE! YOU STAY..." but then the other sages appeared at the top of the stairs.

"Why did you hurt Link?" asked Ruto, her blue hands on her hips.

"Because he was having sex with Zelda!!!" she yelled at Link and the sages, and the king was also there, now glaring at Link.

"WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! Is that what you thought we where doing?! We were only kissing. If you want to, you can go look at my shorts, they are covered in the blood that pooled up in my bed after you hit my wound!" Link yelled, but then Impa retorted.

"Yeah, well, if you were left in there any longer, you would have! That Ruto was your lookout, wasn't she?" Impa said, then Ruto then spoke up.

"I was not!!! I went to check on Link!!! Then I saw, well, Zelda and Link, and I left, and tried to catch my breath, that really shocked me, and I tried to stop you because they wanted their privacy!!!" she yelled back.

Then Link decided that there was only one way to resolve this, "Impa, I want to forget this messy affair. I can't believe that I have lost this much blood! Let's end this now, before I die, because I can't to afford to lose any more! Deal?" Link said, and Impa thought about it. She then looked at the king. The two of them where romantically involved with each other, and only they knew about that, and Impa was pregnant with his baby (Nobody, not even the king or Impa knew about that).

Impa then nodded, and said, "I'm sorry for almost killing you, telling Zelda that she couldn't see you anymore, and uh, is that all?" she asked.

And Link said, "There is this bruise around my eye, when you knocked me out."

"Sorry," she said, and Link continued up the stairs.

Link then went in her room, and she was asleep on her bed. "Zelda, are you awake?" Link asked, and she didn't move. "Are you alive?" and then Zelda smiled, and opened her eyes. Then they both said at the same time, "Are you okay?" then "I love you," then "I'm fine, how are you?" then they hugged.

Impa said, "Uh, Zelda, I'm...sorry. I have already apologized to Link," she said, and couldn't look Zelda in the eyes.

"It's okay, Impa. If Link forgave you, then I forgive you," Zelda said, and hugged Impa's neck. Impa smiled at Zelda, and Link gave her a quick hug. Zelda slowly stood up, feeling slightly better, because Link had spent an hour getting the dried blood out of his hair and off his back. "Could all of you please leave?" Zelda asked, and they all left, but Impa hesitated, and Zelda said, "SHOOO! Out you go!" she said, and Impa walked out, but then turned around and began to peek through the keyhole.

Link sat down on the bed, and Zelda leapt into his lap, knocking him over and knocking the wind out of him. "Yaa! your better!" Zelda said, but then saw Link gasping for breath. "Are you okay?" she asked.

Then Link managed to speak. "" he managed to gasp out.

Zelda looked at him impatiently. "Here, let me put it back in you," and blew in his mouth, and his chest inflated then he began to cough.

"AACCKK!!! Don't do that!" he said. Link pulled away, and tryed to crawl away, but she got him, and began to tickle him. "Help!!! Help!!!" Link began to yell, then he flipped her over, and began to tickle her.

She began to screach and yell ."Stop!!! Stop!!! You're going to make me pee my pants! Thank you... tickle tickle!!!" Then began to tickle Link when he let his guard down. This continued for some time, and Impa began to get bored with them, and she left.

"She's gone, Zelda," said Link.

Then Zelda said, "I thought she was never going to leave!" Zelda said, and she went to the door, and opened it a crack, and looked down the hallway. She didn't see anyone at all. She closed the door, and locked it. "I hope you're happy, I have to change! I thought you were going to fake tickle!" said Zelda, and there was a wet spot about the size of her hand on the crotch of her pants.

"Ah, did the wittle Zelday have a bitty wittle acwident?" asked Link in a goofy baby-voice. Zelda looked at him mean-like and took off her pants and underwear, and Link asked, "Would you like me to close my eyes?"

"You're not going to get to look at me this time!" but she was already naked from the waist-down, and she pulled on a pair of shorts that were laying on the floor. Link then stood up, and pulled her close to him. "I heard you yelling at Impa. I never knew you had that big of a mouth," she said, looking down on him. She went over to a cabinet next to her bed, and put on some dance music. She then went over to Link, and grasped his hand, and put one on her hip, and held the other in her hands. They began to slowly revolve on the spot.

"Yeah, well you would have too if you had been hit in the ribs. That hurt! And did you know that I was laying in a large pool of blood, gross! And did you hear the last part when we were halfway up the stairs?" Link said, looking into Zelda's eyes. Link felt awkward like this, dancing with someone a foot taller than him.

"No, I was asleep," said Zelda.

"Impa thought that me and you where, well..." Link said, but he couldn't say the last word, 'sex.' Link may have gotten over his schoolboy shyness, but this was something different.

"Doing what?" she asked.

"Well, Impa thought that we where having,," said Link, finally getting it out.

"Well, do you want to?" she asked, and Link's face went cherry-red.

" don't know...." he began to stutter, his face going even redder. Link really didn't know if she was been serious. Was she? "Zelda, you better not be..." Link started to say, but Zelda bent down and locked lips with Link. Zelda then led Link over to the bed, and Link then knew. Link pulled her shirt and bra off, and put his hands on her front. Link then pulled off his pants, and Zelda did the same.

Impa was walking by, then heard that last part. 'Well, Impa thought that we where having,' Impa heard walking down the hall, and looked in. She saw Zelda and Link dancing. Link looked a little funny dancing with her, but they where so cute. Impa then stood up, getting ready to go back to her room, then she heard Zelda's voice. 'Well, do you want to?' Impa then went straight back to the keyhole, staring at them. Link's face went cherry red, and Impa thought that was a good sign. She also heard Link's sputtering and stuttering, but then she heard 'Zelda, you better not be...' And then she saw Zelda bend down to kiss him, and then she saw Link pulled off her shirt and bra, then she saw him put his hands on her breast, and then they pulled off their shorts and... Impa couldn't take it anymore. She then ran back to her room, and sat on the bed. She saw that the king already sitting on her bed.

"What is wrong Impa?" asked the king.

"It's about Zelda," she answered.

And the king said, "What is wrong with my little girl?"

"That is the problem, she isn't a 'little girl' anymore," said Impa.

"What do you mean, not a 'little girl'?" he asked.

"I saw her and Link about to sleep together," she said.

"Aww, that's so..."

"No, I mean sleep together," she clarified.

The king's eyes went wide, and then he said, "You...mean..."

"Yes," she simply said.

The king then jumped up, and said, enraged, "I WILL WRING HIS NECK! I WILL..."

"Now, Harikinian, calm down. Remember what happened when I tried to intervene. And besides, it's not like we're exactly out in the open. I could talk with Link in the morning," Impa said, and King Harikinian had to agree. Impa then remembered why he was here. She stood up, and locked the door. She then walked over to the bed, and looked at the king. She then pulled off her shirt, and kissed the king. "I love you," she said.

"I love you too," he said, and then they both layed down on the bed

About half an hour later...

Link and Zelda where laying side-by-side, with the covers kicked off. Link then felt a chill, and pulled the covers back over them. Link looked at Zelda, but then a flash of green hit him in the face. He then pulled the silk shorts off his face, he looked at Zelda. She had her shirt and bra on, and was pulling her shirt on. "Get dressed, Link. If we get caught with our clothes off..." she trailed off, and she got dressed.

"Zelda, is this your first time?" Link asked, blushing.

"Yes," she answered, and then she decided to do it. She loved Link more than anything. I want to ask him more than anything, and I love him more than anything. But he is only fourteen, and I'm seventeen. I remember when we kissed for the first time. He was eight, and I was twelve. I wonder how I should ask him? 'Link, I was wondering... will you marry me?' No, he would never go for that. 'Link, we've had sex, I guess we have to get married now...' What am I thinking?! But I know he would never reject me for proposing to him funny, she thought, and turned around to face Link.

"Link, there is something I need to tell you..." Zelda said, and then Zelda began to speak. "Link, you mean more to me than anything, and these couple of days have been the best and worst of my life. Link, I never want to lose you. Will you marry me?" she asked.

"YES!!! um, I mean...yes," he yelled, then calmed down. Link then hugged her, and kissed every part of the body he could reach (and I mean every part.)

"HEY! Your getting a little feisty..." she said, amazed by the shower of kisses hitting her upper torso. She managed to get Link off of her, and she put out the lone torch lighting her room. Link then lept on her back.

"I love you, Zeldy," he said, now kissing her neck. His arms where wrapped around her.

"OW! Let go! Your hurting me!" she said, and she backed up to her bed. She then pried Link off, and he quickly scrambled under the covers.

"I just never thought that I would be getting married when I was fourteen!" Link said excitedly. His head suddenly began to pound where Impa hit him only around about two hours ago. "Oh, my head! That place where Impa hit me in the head hurts..." Then Link felt woozy, and layed down, and his head began to swim.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"I think.I don't know, my head.I think I need to lay down." and Link quickly hit the mattress, and the pain began to escalate, getting intense. It was worse than when he had been stabbed rescuing Ruto, or been stabbed by the great Zora (The great Zora had just put a spell on Link, causing his pain).

Zelda quickly yelled out, "IMPA! I THINK SOMETHING IS HAPPENING TO LINK!" and unlocked the door. Impa quickly ran down the hall, looking disorderly. The other sages heard her yells, and came to see what was the commotion.

"What is it?" she said, looking at Link, who was curled-up, clutching his head. The pain was still continuing to rise, and the Great Zora had a magical mirror to watch Link's suffering.

"My.Head..Hurts.Help." Link managed to get out, and Impa put her hand to the wound. She poked it, and Link screamed out, and pulled away, backing against the wall, looking at Impa like she was going to kill him. She tried to get closer, but Link flattened against the wall, and hit her in the face. "STAY AWAY FROM ME!!! YOU HURT ME!!!" Link yelled, his mind beginning to cloud from the pain. He couldn't think, and was acting irrationally. The pain was getting even greater, and Link began to cry, and rock back and forth.

"Link, let Impa look at you. She can help," Zelda said, and held him tight. Impa got close, and could see truly how much in pain Link was. All the large veins in his forehead and enlarged and could be seen easily.

"We need to stop the pain. It is putting incredible strain on him," she said, and noticed that the veins in his arms began to get visible, and in his legs.

Then, Link began to convulse, and he grabbed Zelda. "Help..Me." and then his eyes rolled into the back of his head. His hands then started to clench harder and harder.

"OW!!! HE WON'T LET." Then the bones in her arms snapped, and she screamed. Then, Link's grip shifted, and his fingernails sliced through the skin, and he began to scrape his hands. "IMPA!!! GET HIM OFF!!!" she said, trying to pull Link off of him. Link had lost control, and was desperately trying to stop. Then, Saria's eyes widened. She could feel the Great Zora's magic. She then put her hand on Link, who had dug all the way through her arms, and not even Darunia pull Link off of her. Suddenly, her green magic flowed through him, and The pain stopped. That second, Link pulled his hand off the screaming Zelda, and regained control. He looked at the blood on his hand, and Zelda's shattered arm, and the giant wound he had caused, which was bleeding profusely. Zelda was still screaming, and Link tried to apologize, but Link was still in shock from the torment, and couldn't say anything, he could only sit up and look at her in the eyes.

Link then managed to choke out these words. "Wh.What.happened to me? I. I almost killed Zelda." he said, and Saria sat beside him and said, so everyone could hear.

"The Great Zora put a spell on you. It is designed to kill by inflicting so much pain that the victim's heart starts beating so fast that it kills itself, or the victim bleeds to death when their veins begin to burst." Then she dropped down so only Link could hear her. "Link, come with me. You need a bath to calm you down. Your heart has been working so hard that it has been put under the strain of running a entire marathon sprinting." She then led him to her bath. They went in, and she turned on the water.

"Could you please."

".Leave? You ain't going to get rid of me that easily," she said, and Link sighed. Link and she used to be boyfriend-girlfriend, until they discovered that they weren't really in love. They had then become great friends. She turned on the water, and put in some of her bubble bath. Link undressed, and made sure she wasn't watching, and stepped in the tub. She then opened her eyes when Link said. Link was dying to tell her about him and Zelda.

"Saria, Zelda asked me to marry her!" Link said, and Saria's eyes brightened considerably. She was everything that a girl was. She loved decorating, getting stuff, and talking about girl things. And gossip. She loved gossip more than anything. Link never knew half the things Saria told her about the other children before she told him. But then Link burst into tears.

"What is it, Link?"

"I. h-hurt Z-Zelda! I can't believe I did that! It hurt me so much when I heard her arm break, her screams as I dug into her arm, and not b-being able t-t-to control it!" Link sobbed, and Saria then, most unexpectedly, stepped in the tub. Link was shocked, and stopped crying for a moment. Saria then sat by Link, for the tub was huge, and almost ten people could fit in the round-thing.

"Link, it's okay, I'm sure she can forget about that. I'm sure she stills loves you.." Then, Impa stepped in, with Zelda. Zelda saw him, and Link burst into tears, thinking she would mistake this, and then disappeared under the bubbles. Saria jumped out, soaking wet and covered in bubbles. "Zelda, please, this isn't what it looks like. Link was upset, and." .and then she slipped and smacked her head on the floor. Saria rolled over, crying. She may have been almost thirty, but since she is Kokiri, she has the soul of a child, and the body of one, and she began to cry like one.

Zelda then said, "I know, Saria. I know you would never do that." And Impa bent down, and picked her up, and wrapped her in about four towels. She carried her into Zelda's room. Link was still under the bubbles. Link could hold his breath for five minutes. She just sat down in a relatively dry spot, and waited for him to come up.

Under the surface of the bubbles, Link thought of what to do. I have to come up sometime, maybe I can make a run for it, and grab my clothes and leave the castle fast. Uh oh, running out of air. Who am I kidding? I am going to have to face her. I don't hear anything, maybe Saria got rid of them. And Link broke the surface, and relaxed, and Zelda said, "Took you long enough" and Link yelled, and slipped and went back under.

He came back up, and looked at her with sad eyes. He was too ashamed to talk. "It's okay, Link. I forgive you," she said. Her arm had been wrapped-up with towels, and where now red. Link then hugged her, and got out and put his clothes back on after drying. Impa came in, and sat Zelda down, and wrapped her arm with bandages. She then put a splint on there, and began to chant.

After a while, Impa stopped, and said, "Zelda, I'm sorry, but some of the Great Zora's magic has got into your wound, and I can't mend your bones. I have put an powerful anti-bacterial on the wound, but if it gets too infected, I may have to amputate your arm."

"What does 'amputate' mean?" Zelda asked.

"It means that I will have to cut your arm off if it gets too infected, Zelda," said Impa.

"That won't happen, will it?" said Zelda, tears in her eyes.

"I may have to. Leave your bandage on, and if your arm starts to swell, get me immediately!" said Impa. "I'm also going to have to put a cast on it. We can do that tomorrow." Zelda burst into tears, and gave Link a black look.

Link quickly left, and began to run through the castle, tears in his eyes. What have I done? kept ringing through his head. Link was avoiding Zelda at all costs, and spent a whole week sleeping in hallways and stealing food from the kitchen, trying to figure out how to get past the guards. Link had heard a rumor that they had orders to lock the gate to keep him in. Link finally tried to leave the castle, but the guards had orders to seize Link. Link didn't know that. He thought that they only had to keep him in the castle. Link looked around carefully. He knew now that she would never love him again. Link had accepted that, and tried to leave the castle.

However, two large guards blocked the way. "WE HAVE FOUND LINK, PRINCESS!!!" yelled a guard, and Link bowled over the guard. Link sprinted to the front gate with the bunny hood on. The gate was know starting to close. Link almost got there, but then he tripped, and watched as the gate closed with a clang. Link heard the guards running toward him, with their swords drawn. Link quickly put on his Goron mask, and rolled past them, into the castle. Some twenty guards were there, waiting for Link. Link broke out of the ball, leapt over them, and ran through the castle, back as a Hylian. Link ran as far as he could, then couldn't run any further. Link sat down behind a suit of armor, gasping for breath. Link could run really fast, and had almost got to the other side of the castle. Then, Link heard footsteps, but before he could do anything, they looked around the edge of the armor. It was Impa. Link tried to get to his feet, but was too exhausted.

"It's okay, Link," she said, and sat beside Link.

" Why.can'" Link gasped out.

"She's mad. I don't think she's mad at you, just mad. I just don't think she can grasp that she may have to go through life with one arm because of her boyfriend," Impa said.

"She asked me to marry her only minutes before it happened. I know she doesn't love me anymore, even like me. I just want to go home, Impa. I'm sorry, but it wasn't my fault. Can't she understand that, at least? I have accepted that she doesn't love me, I just don't understand why she wants to kill me," Link said.

"She asked you to marry her?" Impa asked. Link nodded sadly. "She doesn't want to kill you," Impa said. Then her eyes widened. "Link, your arm has been cut!" she said. Link looked at his bleeding shoulder, and just shrugged. Impa then pulled off a decorative sash hanging from her shoulder, and wrapped it around Link's arm. Suddenly, Impa heard footsteps, and she stood up.

Then, knights entered the hallway, and they turned to Impa. "Have you seen the boy, Link?" the knight asked. Impa shook her head. "The princess has said that he is to be killed on sight," the head knight said gruffly. Impa nodded her head, and they quickly marched out of the hallway, and quickly out of earshot.

"Link, I'm going to get you out, okay?" Impa said.

"What about the king, has he approved of this?" Link asked.

"I have asked him, and he says that he can't dissuade Zelda. He said that she had to catch him herself, so she has bribed the guards, and the king was very disappointed, but couldn't stop her.." Impa said.

"I can just turn into a Goron and bash through the gate," Link suggested.

Impa shook her head and said, "That gate is way too strong for that. I could get in there and open it up," Impa said, and then, of all people, Zelda found the two.

"GUARDS!!! I HAVE FOUND THEM!!!" she bellowed, and Link jumped up, and began to run. Zelda ran after him, trying to shoot him with electric bolts. Link was dodging them, and a couple bounced off his mirror shield slung over his back. Link then zipped past two guards, and Link transformed into a Goron. Link got up as much speed as he could, and smashed into the gate. The gate groaned and bent.

At the Zora's camp. "This is great. My spell is working perfectly. After Zelda turns against the other sages for trying to save Link, and I know they will, the soldiers still protecting the forest will go and begin to kill each other, trying to protect their sage," said Othamarkook to himself while looking in the magic mirror.

Back at the castle. Link hit the gate again and again as hard as he could, and the gate more bent and beat-up, but to no avail. Soon, the guards appeared in the courtyard. They where led by knights with long swords, large shields, and thick armor. The charged Link, but he began to punch at them with his Goron fist. Soon, a pile of unconscious people began to accumulate at his feet.

Then, it was just Link and Zelda. "Just let me leave, Zelda," said Link, and looked into her big blue eyes. In them was no longer compassion, they were as cold as ice, and had hatred written in her face.

"No chance, Linkie. I'm going to make you pay for what you have done to me. I will hunt you down wherever you go, you SON OF A BITCH!!!" she yelled, and sent an enormous bolt of energy at him. Link got out of the way, and it blew the gate off. Link saw his chance, and went into a Goron roll. Zelda used her free hand to try to blast him, but was so angry that she couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. She only succeeded in frightening a small miniature pony. Link rolled away as fast as he could to the Kokiri forest.

Back at the castle..


Zelda turned around, and sent a bolt of magic at Impa. Zelda had never, ever done that. Impa easily blocked it, and her red face went a deep crimson. She was madder than she had ever been before. Impa was shaking with rage. Zelda just laughed, and that put Impa over the top. Impa held her hands out, and energy began to build-up. Then, she released it, and it headed for Zelda. Zelda got a shield up, and it burst on it. The energy didn't get her, but it was concussion energy. Zelda then was sent back, her shield still up. It was actually really funny, but not for Zelda. She traveled some forty feet, then the passage twisted. She began to bounce through the hallways of the castle like a pinball.

Zelda was terrified. Then, the energy shield broke, and she smacked into a wall, knocked unconscious. Impa found her about ten minutes later, and she was walking slowly through the castle, trying to get to her room, but she was dazed from the collision. She was swaying, and there was a large wet spot on the front of her dress, because she had wet herself in terror when she started to bounce down some stairs. She had also soiled herself when she almost flew out a window. Impa walked up to her now, satisfied that she had learned her lesson.

At the Zora camp.

"WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?! That concussion ball destroyed the spell link I was using to influence her! Her mind has put up barriers now that my spell cannot break! WHY DID THIS HAPPEN!!" screamed the Great Zora, and sent a beam out the flap of the tent. Some Zoras walking by had to jump out of the way.

Back at the castle..

"Impa, what happened? All I remember was you telling me that you told me that you may have to cut my arm off, then I am flying through the castle, then I was knocked out. and now I am here. Am I dreaming?" Zelda asked, and sniffed the air. "What is that horrible smell, Impa? Did you crap your pants?"

Then Zelda shifted around, and looked at the front of her dress. She then felt the back, and started to cry. Zelda was ashamed that she had lost control. When she was three, she would often wet herself, trying to rush to her bathroom, not knowing that there where hundreds of bathrooms in the castle. There  always seemed to be a certain point where it would all come out, and it was always in front of this one guard. He would see her coming, then the wet spot growing on her pants. She would then stop, and start walking. He would then speak up. He was old, mean, and very strong. She would collapse to her knees in front of him, exhausted, and so tired she couldn't move an inch. In the beginning, he would carry her to her room. At first, he wouldn't say anything, then after about a month, he began to torment her. "Can't you get to the bathroom in time, princess?" he would say, and would laugh when he got there. She never cried, but became more and more ashamed. He would disguise his sarcasm very carefully, and act caring, and that was worse than any sarcasm. She wet the bed until she was fourteen, and only the king and Impa knew about that.

The Great Zora at that moment tried to gain control of her. Suddenly, she clutched her head, and pain began to run through her entire body. Impa could feel the energy, and it was Zora magic. She then put a block spell on Zelda, and the pain stopped. "Wh.What happened?" she asked.

"I know know what it was. The Great Zora was using a spell to make anger surge through you. That was why you attacked Link. You need to apologize to him, unless you really mean the things you said."

"What things?" she asked. Impa then told her about her three-day manhunt for Link in the castle, and Link's escape.

"I.I said those things?" Zelda asked in astonishment. Impa nodded, and Zelda began to cry. "I need to go apologize to him right now!" she said, and began to march off, but Impa grabbed her arm.

"I think you need to get cleaned up before you go over to Link's house," Impa said. Zelda agreed, and cleaned-up, and they went to Link's house. Zelda now had on a tee-shirt and black pants. Zelda walked up to the tree-house, and there was Link, with a sling-shot and a Deku nut in there. Link saw Zelda, and shot a nut, which exploded about a foot away from her.

"Stay away from me, you homicidal bitch!" Link yelled, prepping another nut. Zelda almost wanted to cry after he said that.

"Link, it's okay, I can explain," yelled Impa.

Link let his guard down, then immediately raised the slingshot back up. "Okay, but if you try anything, I will shoot you in the head with a Deku nut!" Link yelled, and backed up to let them up. Link was wondering if Zelda put Impa under a spell. Link knew how powerful Impa's magic was, and that it was even stronger than Zelda's. Impa and Zelda got to the top of the ladder, and climbed in. Link backed up, holding the nut ready. Zelda went to hug Link, and Link panicked and let the nut fly. Zelda ducked away from it, forgetting what she had done to him. The nut flew out the window, and a dull boom sounded. Link scrambled to get another one, and Zelda tried to close again. Link then pulled out his sword, and held it at ready.

"Link, calm down! We can explain!" Impa said. "Zelda, please stay away from Link until I explain what happened. Remember, he looks at you as the one who tried to kill him." Link was breathing heavily, and Zelda slowly backed away.

"I love you, Link," she said.

"I don't believe you," Link said.

"Link, Zelda, sit down," Impa demanded, and Link got a chair, and sat down by the ladder, ready to dart at a moment's notice. "Link, Zelda was under a spell by the Great Zora. It is a very difficult spell to cast. It has to cast at a moment when the victim is in incredible amounts of pain. He couldn't cast it on Link, because once the spell has been broken by a blocking spell, it can never be cast again on that person. He tried to cast it on Zelda again because I hit her with a concussion energy ball, and it severed, but didn't break the connection. He tried to reconnect. I fully broke the connection with a shield-spell. She is back to normal. Also, she doesn't remember what happened during the last week," Impa explained, and looked at Zelda. Her eyes were no longer cruel, cold, and hate-filled. They had back their full love and warmth, and where starting to shine with tears.

Link then stood up, walked over to Zelda, and hugged her tight. Link held on for a good three minutes. "We should get back to the castle," Impa said. They nodded, and walked back to the castle. They got back, and Saria was at the smashed gate, waiting for them to come back.

"We have a visitor," she said, and they came back in. In the royal meeting room, sitting on one of the guest chairs was the Great Zora, holding a Zora shield and a fancy-looking Zora blade. Zora love decorative things, and their blades are no different. Zora blades are usually four and a half feet long. They are finely-made, and the blade has been shaped so that it goes straight, but the edge isn't. They tend to have ^ points on them, and are very beautiful. It was made out of magic crystal, Zora water crystal. It was one of the hardest substances known, and the first Great Zora forged this sword, before Hyrule was founded. It shimmered like reflecting of water on a wall. It was very beautiful. His armor was made out of the same stuff, and glittered too. The Zora king gave a mischievious smile when Link and Zelda entered the meeting room.

Zelda saw him, and sent a powerfull ball of electricity and Othamarkook. He blocked it, and sent a powerful concussion bolt at Zelda. Zelda sent one of her own at him, but then Impa erected a shield that caused there energy to cancell. "THAT'S ENOUGH!!!" she yelled, and they lowered their attacks they were about to cast. They all sat down at the giant table, and the Zora King only had two men with him, both unarmed.

The king sat down and said "Othmarkook here has information on how to restore the Zora waters."

"I do. As you have guessed, the reason that I have been after the Kokiri forest was the magic objects under the Great Deku Tree. With a combination of items under the tree, we can restore the land back to the way it was before the Great Cataclysm. How you get into the secret trove is by playing the Minuet of the Deku-Pony to the Great Deku Tree. It takes two people to play the song. The tree will tell you what items to get."

Link and Saria stood up and said ,"We can go get it," said Link, and Saria nodded. Link took out the Ocarina of time, and played the song of the forest, as did Saria, and when they played the last note, they disappeared in a flash of green. Below where they were standing was a cloud of swirling Deku leaves, and they slowly fell to the floor. They then appeared at the entrance to the Great Deku Tree's huge meadow. In the middle was the leafless Deku Tree, seemingly dead. Link and Saria knew otherwise. The Deku Tree had faked his death, and had put an illusion spell over himself. Then the tree gave Link the spiritual stone. The tree saw that they were alone, and vines began to criss-cross over the entrance to the meadow. Then, the Deku Tree drooped his illusion spell, and looked at them with his frigtenly-wise eyes.

Link used to sit in front of the tree, and listen to his stories of people coming in search of enlightenment, or of in need of sanctuary from people hunting them down from causes of debt-collecting to being framed for murder. The age-old tree could tell which ones were innocent and which ones were guilty. One of Link's favorites was after his mom had brought him to the tree, when he was only a month old. He had hidden Link, and Gannon came, trying to get the spiritual stone. "And then that stupid Gerudo thought he could match my magic! I had broken almost every bone in his body, and then he had the nerve to try to disease me with a spell! I played along, and began to cry out in fake torment. As if that could do me in! For me, it was just a minor case of wood rot! I was better than ever in just a week!" the tree would tell Link when he was still in diapers, being cradled by Saria, who would be watching him ooh and awe with amusement. "You never come to see me anymore, Link! And none of the children will come, thinking that there are monsters in my Lost Woods! Nobody has ever got lost in there if they know what they are looking for! So, why have you come to my meadow? Is it to hear another story?" the tree said, in its usual rustly, yet clear voice. "How is your child coming along, Saria?" the tree asked.

Saria stopped dead, and Link spun around. How the hell did the Great Deku Tree find out about my child? Only me and my Mido now about that, and I made him swear that he wouldn't tell anyone! she thought, and tried to laugh it off. "I'm not going to have a child" she said, but the tree only let out a deep, booming laugh.

"Saria, I talk to Mido all the time," he said, and then Link fell to the ground laughing.

"You and.and Mido?! But if you're having a kid then that means that you have." Then Link began to laugh even harder, and Saria kicked Link. She began to cry, and Link stopped, and quickly said, "Saria, I'm sorry, I just thought that you hated Mido, that's all, I." Link said.

But then Saria yelled, "I KNEW YOU WOULD LAUGH!!!! THAT WAS WHY I DIDN'T TELL YOU!!!" she said, and collapsed to the ground.

"Saria, I just. I mean. I." Link stuttered, trying to think of something to say. "It was just that I thought you two, I mean that never in a million years, I MEAN that I. I'm glad for you Saria, it just caught me by surprise." Link finally managed to say.

Then Saria said, "You don't mean that, Link. Don't lie to me, Link, I know when you lie."

"I have never lied to you. You are almost thirty, and I remember when I was ten. You got incredibly sick, and I had to take care of you for a whole week. That was right after we broke-up. You were still mad at me, and then you got sick. You came up to my tree house, and began to yell at me. You then began to cough up blood. You almost didn't survive the first three nights, and I remember that when I was taking you back to your house, you were so sick that every time you coughed, blood ran down your mouth. I thought you were going to die, Saria. I went through all your medicene, looking for something that might have helped. I didn't know what all that stuff was, and all I could do was stay there with you and comfort you. Saria, I thought that you were going to die. I watched you, getting worse and worse, and I had a pail for you to cough into. Then, you were too weak to cough. Blood just began to trickle out your mouth. It was during that time, that you told me how you felt about me, how you never had anyone to love you, Saria. I told you that I loved you as a friend, but nothing more. You said that you felt the same way, that you just wanted someone to be with. After that, we understood each other better. I have never told you a lie since then. I am sorry for laughing at you about Mido. If he makes you happy, then I am happy for you," Link said, and Saria looked up.

She looked at Link, and almost accepted it. She then frowned at Link, and put her head down. "Remember when you wet yourself? You told me not to tell a soul, and I didn't. I managed to get you home without anyone finding out, and I didn't even tell the Deku Tree! I have kept all of your deepest, darkest secrets." Saria still didn't believe Link, and the Deku Tree decided to step in.

"Saria, you remember when your were just a little girl?" the tree asked. Saria sniffed and nodded, and the tree continued. "You used to tell me everything. You would come running to me when the children would pick on you. Then I told you that you were the forest sage. I taught you every song in Hyrule, every use for every plant in this forest. Link also would talk to me. Saria, for him, you are like his mother and best friend. He wouldn't lie to you, and isn't lying now."

Saria looked at the tree. She stood-up, and said sorry to Link, and Link said, "How along are you?" Saria playfully punched Link in the ribs, and she held up four small fingers. "I noticed you starting to get a little pouchey," Link said, and it was true. Her stomach was sticking out now quite a bit. She had been succesful in hiding it, and telling Link that she was 'just gaining a little weight' and trying to get mad at Link as much as possible. Link finally left her alone about it.

"Can I feel to see if your baby is kicking?" asked the tree, and Saria nodded. Saria pulled up her shirt, but not too far (Kokiri children grow to only be as tall as a ten year old, but they develop to look like a eighteen-year-old). A single branch extended down, and it went against her round stomach. The trees lit up when he felt it. "I feel it!" it said exitedly. Link put his hand against her, and felt a small thump. "Now.Down to business.Why did you come to see me, my pregnant child?" asked the tree. "By, perchance, are you here for the magic items?"

"Yes we. How did you know that?!" Said Saria.

"Never mind that," the tree said, and winked.

"We are supposed to play a song, something called 'minute of the Fairy-pony.' What is that?" aaid Link. Saria was just as puzzled as Link. She had memorized by heart all the songs of Hyrule, and not a one of them was named that, or have ever been named that.

"My dear Saria, you know that many songs are two or more songs mixed together, right?" asked the tree. Saria nodded, then suddenly it dawned on her.

"Link, you play the song of the pony, and I will play the sonnet of the fairy!" she said excitedly. Link nodded, but had a grimace. The song of the pony was a funny-sounding song. They played, and when they got done, the tree began to say 'bravo! bravo!' and suddenly there was a rustling-noise, and what looked like Deku nuts began to rain from the tree, and landed on the ground with little tiffs. Suddenly, the things unrolled, and what looked like itty-bitty ponies made out of Deku with a shell began to stand up, and soon, they where all unrolled.

"Yawn. Who woke us up?" one of them asked, and Link and Saria were standing there in amazement.

"Link, Saria, these are my children. I was once one of these, and there are many of my brothers and sisters deep in this forest, and Dekus even older than me," the Great Deku said, but then one of them impatiently butted-in.

"Why did they wake us up?!" the tiny pony demanded, stamping its little feet.

"You are to lead them to the chamber," the deku said. The little pony began to grumble, and a passage opened up at their feet. They walked down, careful not to step on the crabby ponies. Soon, they came to a chamber, and torches lit up along the walls. The chamber looked more like a giant underground market, and they looked up. About a hundred and fifty feet up they could see the bottom of the Great Deku. Roots hung down some seventy feet, and other roots went down the wall and into the ground going who knows how far down. They turned their attention back to the items. On the tables where all sorts of things. On one table there was a hookshot with a red handle, on another was a magic white sword, whiter than pearl. There was a set of blue and red mail on another. Another table had a quiver full of Gleaming Silver Arrows, another table had a huge red bomb on it. Another had a gorgeous red cape, and Saria picked it up and put it on. She turned invisible, and she put it back down. Another had a large mirror shield, and.

Then their admiring was interrupted by the ponies, who suddenly came back with a bunch of items. "These are what you need," said the ponies, and they picked up the stuff.

They went back to the surface, and the tree said "Goodbye, my friends," and they were suddenly transported back to the castle in a swirl of leaves, and landed back in the throne room. Suddenly there was another swirl, and the Master Sword landed with a tang on Link's head.

"OUCH!!!" he yelped.

"Thank you," whispered Saria.

And a whisper of wind responded, "You're welcome," but Link just frowned, rubbing his head. Link stood up, and picked the sword up, now in a crabby mood, and in a headache. Everybody walked up tp Link, everybody but Zelda and Ruto.

"Where is Zelda?" Link asked, frown still on his face.

"Link, she's gotten worse. Her arm has swelled up, and she has a temp of 103. She is having fits and is delusional. I had to even put a diaper on her, because she once got up, and went over to a plant and squatted down, hallucinating. I had to clean her up. Ruto is up with her now."

But Link then dropped the Master Sword and ran up staircase, and stopped at her room. Link went in, and there was Ruto, with a bowl, wiping the sweat off her face with a rag. The cast had been taken off her arm, and it looked like a ballon. It was red, and was in a special harness to keep her from rolling on it. Her arms had been strapped-down. Ruto stood up to let Link have a seat, and Link said, "Hello Zelda. Are you feeling better?"

Zelda turned her head towards Link, and said, "Link could you take these straps off me?" she said, wiggling her arm.

"Yes," he said, and reached over, but Ruto grabbed his arm.

"Link, don't do it. She tricked her father into taking them off, and she ran off until she passed out from exhaustion. She is very fatigued, but also delusional," she said.

"Don't listen to her, she is lying. Let me go, Link. Let me go." she began to say, but Link shook his head.

"No Zelda, this is for your." Link began to say, but then Zelda began to scream.

"LET ME GO!!! LET ME GO!!! LET ME GO PLEASE!!!!!!" she then began to cry, and Link patted her head. She then grabbed a hold of his fingers, and bit down. Link began to pull, but she wouldn't let go. About half a second later, Link then poked her hurt arm. She screamed out and let go. Link pulled his hurt hand back. She didn't break the skin, but there were deep marks.

"You might want to leave, Link. She is hallucinating, and this isn't the Zelda that you know," she said. Link nodded, and kissed her on the forehead (While she was trying to bite his nose).

"I'm sorry Link, come back, I won't do it again," she said, but Then Ruto mouthed "GO, LINK!!!" Link went out of the room, and started to cry. Link peeked back in, and Ruto was sitting back down. Then Link turned around, to come face-to-face with the Great Zora.

Link then looked up into the face that caused all this, and then the Zora said, "I can help her," and walked into the room. He sat down, after shooing-away Ruto, and began to chant. Suddenly, the Zorian magic began to enter the wound, and her arm began to deflate like a ballon, and Zelda then reached over with her healed arm, and unstrapped herself.

"Thank you, Great Zora," she said, and stood-up. She then rushed over to Link, and gave him a big kiss. Then, before Link could thank him, the Great Zora left the room, and went downstairs, and they followed. Zelda wiped her head from the last of the fever sweat, and entered the meeting room.

"For this, we are going to need all the Sages, for in the fight my most powerful sorcerers were killed. You are the only ones with enough power to complete the spell. Now, we need to transport to the top of the Zora waterfall," he said, and they all transported away, except for Link, who didn't have that kind of power.

Link then plopped on the leafy floor, and said. ""

"Come on!!!" said Saria, appearing, and grasped Link's hand, and transported to the waterfall. Link gasped, and his mouth hung open like all the rest, except Ruto and the Great Zora. They had been here when it happened.

The Great Zora said, "We all need an item that is suited to your sage ability." So they each took an item. Daruina got the fire wand and Bombos mediallion, to melt the earth. Nabooru got the Quake mediallion, to crack open the earth, to let the molten earth flow back inside the crust. Ruto got the ice wand, to harden the earth once it had flowed back inside. Saria got the cane of Byrna to protect them from their amplified magic. Impa had the cane of Somaria, to help Darunia with the melting of the hardened mass of rock. The Great Zora got the Ether Medallion, to cause it to rain and fill the Zora's sea back up.

They then began the process given to them by the Great Zora. Saria set up the wall of protection. Then, Ruto channeled his magic into the fire wand and began melt areas of land. Then, he poured magic in to the Bombos medallion. Impa then picked up the cane of Somaria, and shoved the staff into the ground, and unleashed its power. Waves of translucent flames began to shoot-out from the bottom of the staff, and began to melt the land. Explosions began to rip apart the land, and they watched it melt into liquid, casting an awesome-looking orange glow on the ever-present ash clouds hovering over the wasteland. Then, Nabooru unleashed the power of the Quake medallion. Then, they felt a rumbling, and the molten earth began to flow in to empty massive magma chamber under the giant volcano cone. It swirled around, and the mass of lava was gone, with only small puddles of lava remaining, starting to cool already. Ruto then pointed the rod at the giant crack running through the giant crater now there. Ice magic began to go into the pit, and the lava hardened all the way through. Then, the Great Zora took the Master Sword, and thrust it into the air. Blue streams resembling lightning began to erupt from the tip. The ash clouds then began to dissipate, and were replaced with stormy black clouds, and it became as dark as before, but rain began to pour from them. Then Othmarkook took the Quake medallion and thrust the Master Sword into the base of the volcano on the top of the waterfall. Cracks began to appear at the base, and then, he used the Bombos medallion, and it blew the midsection of the volcano, making a half-mile radius hole in it, and the storm runoff began to run through it. The force of the explosion finally took out the last of the Byrna shield. However, it stopped all the blow, so they weren't harmed.

Saria collapsed on the ground, all her power exhausted. Link gently picked her up. She had used more power than even the Great Zora had.. They where all soaked, but they smiled when they saw the Zora people beginning to come back into their homelands.

"Link, I feel funny," said Zelda, shifting around.

"How so?" Link said, and she watched her, trying to keep the amusement in when he realized that she was still wearing the diaper! "Zelda, when you were sick not long ago, we had to put a diaper on you. You never took it off," Link said, and she pulled the waist of her pants out, and looked in. Her face went cherry-red, and everybody began to laugh.


It has been five years. Link and Zelda had their first child, who was now five. She was conceived in Zelda that day that she asked Link to marry him. Saria's little child, who they named Maria. She had Saria's green hair, and most odd, she had one green eye, and one blue. Saria had gotten married to Mido. Impa finally told them all about her and the king's relationship, and got married, too. Link, of course, got married to Zelda (like he wasn't). Impa's little child, was one of the oddest things Link had seen. She had ocean-blue hair, one of her eyes was crystal-gray and twinkled, and the other was red and firey. She was bossy, because the errand-boys who took paperwork to the various parts of the castle where sort of freaked-out by her eyes. Link's child was beautiful. She had golden her, ocean-blue eyes, and was very kind. Tatil, which was what Impa named her child (After Link suggested it, and they named her that, and then he remembered where he had heard it before.) Tended to be a little tempermental.

"Mommy, I'm hungry," little Tatil whined, skipping after Impa in a pair of new khaki shorts.

"Dinner will be ready in a little bit," she said, and then Tatil began to get mad.

"I want food now," she said, in her 'princess meanie' voice she used when she wanted her way. Impa argued with her, and Tatil finally went to her last resort. Impa was facing her when Tatil squatted down, and she watched as wetness streamed down her left leg. A wet spot appeared on her shorts, and there was a large puddle on the ground. Impa was mad know.

"What have I told you?! You are not a little kid anymore! You can't do stuff like that and expect to get what you want. Know, come with me. Dinner is ready now after you're time wasted arguing. That was where I was going!" Impa scolded, and took her into her room, then to dinner. Ruto and the Great Zora where married only weeks ago. Little Rainua, Link's daughter, had gotten a boyfriend, a meek little boy named Tora.

The End