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Ocarina of Time Art
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Adult Link holding his sword.
310 pixels 385 pixels
36 kilobytes
Kid Link shooting a Deku seed with his slingshot.
216 pixels 304 pixels
13 kilobytes
Kid Link either removing or replacing the Master Sword. 
507 pixels 554 pixels
57 kilobytes
Adult Link staring at you.
400 pixels 585 pixels
44 kilobytes
Another nice pic of Adult Link.
300 pixels 278 pixels.
24 kilobytes
Cute little Princess Zelda.
300 pixels 869 pixels
45 kilobytes
It's Link and Zelda sitting together in the grass. That is so precious.
630 pixels 564 pixels
56 kilobytes
Little Malon smiling. What a cutie-pie.
325 pixels 689 pixels
33 kilobytes
The mysterious Sheik.
305 pixels 714 pixels
34 kilobytes
Link and Navi. He'll soon realize that that stupid fairy is the most annoying creature on the planet.
581 pixels 643 pixels
65 kilobytes
Impa, Zelda's nursemaid. I think this woman has a tad too much testosterone in her blood.
257 pixels 545 pixels
23 kilobytes
A darling picture of Link and Epona. Look at the cute widdle horsey.
843 pixels 620 pixels
56 kilobytes
Link getting squeezed by Morpha.
489 pixels 948 pixels
46 kilobytes